Pembrokeshire Coast Path Walks

Pembrokeshire Coast Path Walks with local marine biologist: Seals, Porpoise and Coastal Management 

Max 10 persons per walk 16 and under with parent/guardian
Contact Powell to book


Phone: 07917 752207

Seals with seal pups

  • Between mid August and mid November most pups are born.
  • Half day or whole day walks.
  • Monitoring number of pups born
  • Monitoring behaviour
  • Adult breeding behaviour.
  • Not in very wet or windy conditions
  • Need grippy footwear and a good head for heights


  • All year round
  • Half day or whole day walks.
  • Monitor behaviour
  • Monitor numbers and group size.
  • Location dependant on tide, wind direction and time of day.
  • Need grippy footwear.


Plankton, Rockpools & general coastal walks

  • Collect, view (and identify if you want to) plankton through microscope
  • Rockpool and seashore ramble. Identification and ecolgy.
  • General coastal walks. Coastal ecology, management, conservation, pressures. Living in a National Park.